But it's another singer—Sting—who comes out worst of all in Just Go with It. Several of his songs can be heard on the movie's soundtrack, for reasons best left unexplored. Driven to Tears, Sting? We all were after sitting through this mess.


  • Language/Profanity: Lord's name taken in vain; lewd taunts; lots of plastic surgery jokes and references to body parts; "rack"; "a-s"; a young boy says his favorite TV show is Californication; "making a crap; taking a dump"; "banging"; a young boy shouts, "Adulterer! Fornicator!"; a woman tells a waiter she'd like "a tall glass of you" if he's "into it"; descriptions of various digestive ailments and their ramifications; discussion of erectile dysfunction; a boy accidentally runs into a man's groin area and yells that the man "put his pee-pee on my face"; joke about a sheep fetish; a man says he sent a picture of his "equipment" to his girlfriend; a reference to creating children "in the shower"; "hell yeah!"; "s-it"; "suck"; gay stereotypes.

  • Alcohol/Smoking/Drugs: Danny drinks his sorrows away at a bar; more drinking in Hawaii.

  • Sex/Nudity: A bridesmaid makes thrusting motions and discusses a bride's sexual dalliance before her marriage to Danny; a man discusses sex with "this doll I made"; scenes of cleavage; Palmer takes her clothes off and we see the outline of her breast from behind; kissing; remembrance of catching someone cheating; Danny and Katherine apply numbing cream to a patient's nipples (not shown); men stare in amazement at Palmer in a bikini.

  • Violence/Crime: A verbal threat ("I'll kill you"); people kick each other under a table; a boy throws a drink at his mother; some playful and not so playful slaps to the face and bottom; a young girl is thrown into the mud; a punch to the groin area.

  • Religion/Morals: Danny wears a wedding ring because it helps him pick up women; we see him take home two women from bars; he also lies that his "wife" has been "hookin'" to generate sympathy; divorce.

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