Well, unless someone thinks it's funny when Rick dumps a bottle of urine over his head and drinks what's left over. Or seeing Chaka, the half-man, half-primate creature from the original series, groping Holly's breasts at every turn. See, when the writers have run out of jokes, they just keep recycling the old ones that were never quite laugh-worthy in the first place, something that a veteran funnyman like Ferrell can't ad-lib his way out of.

With more sleaze than Sleestaks, the spirit of the original Land of the Lost doesn't ever shine through—a shame for anyone with taste or higher expectations.

  • Drugs/Alcohol:  Dr. Marshall and Will (Danny McBride) accidentally drink something laced with narcotics.
  • Language/Profanity:  Numerous profanities including one use of the "f" word and several instances where God's name is taken in vain. Potty humor is also rampant throughout. In one scene, Dr. Marshall drinks in an entire container of urine and then dumps the remainder over his head.
  • Sex/Nudity:  There are countless sexual innuendos throughout the movie, some far more risqué than others. Chaka repeatedly gropes Holly's breasts—a running joke throughout most of the film. There's also an instance where Will dares Dr. Marshall to French kiss a monkey (the kiss is shown in the distance). Two aliens have sex, but nothing is shown aside from kissing. In the souvenir shop, there are mugs sold in the shape of women's bare breasts. Toward the end, there scantily clad women show up with their breasts covered by their hair and very skimpy bottoms.
  • Violence:  There are a few fight scenes that are really more comedic than violent. But any of the interactions with the larger-than-life dinosaurs would be scary for younger children.
  • Religion:  Just like the TV show, there is a lot of new-age-y talk in the film pertaining to crystals, vibes and energies. Also, when Dr. Marshall is high, he tells Will he's happier than Jesus was for mankind when he died on the cross.

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