Director Kevin MacDonald shows a bit too much torture and dismemberment, but his talent is evident – and his message is important.  It’s not so much about brutal dictators as it is about Western arrogance.  “I will go to Africa and I will play the white man with the natives,” Amin taunts Garrigan.  “Is that what you thought?  We are not a game.  This is real.”

We’re being issued a warning about taking others for granted and using the world as our playground, as Westerners have done throughout the centuries.  We may live for the moment, this film seems to say, but eventually we must all pay the price – which is often far, far more than anyone would ever expect. 

A Christian message?  Absolutely, in the context of an excellent film.

AUDIENCE:  Adults only


  • Director’s commentary
  • Casting session
  • Documentary: “Capturing Idi Amin”
  • Featurette with Forest Whitaker
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • International Trailer
  • Alternate Scenes
  • Deleted Scenes


  • Drugs/Alcohol:  Drinking and smoking throughout film, as well as possible drug use.  In several scenes characters are drunk.
  • Language/Profanity:  Obscenities and profanities throughout film, some very strong.
  • Sexual Content/Nudity:  Upper female nudity in several instances; several sexual situations; sexual allusions and several graphic sex scenes with rear male nudity.
  • Violence:  Extreme violence throughout film, including graphic beatings, murders, torture and dismemberment – though most are offscreen.