• Drugs/Alcohol:  None,
  • Language/Profanity:  One mild profanity uttered by Noah’s science teacher. For parents who don’t appreciate words like “sucks,” this is used in conversations as well.
  • Sex/Nudity:  None, although it is understood that Noah’s science teacher and his fiancée Naomi live together.
  • Violence:  Noah and Emma’s home is raided after a power outage, and they, along with their parents are handcuffed and taken to a holding cell. Plus, there are some scary moments when the mimzy is being transported to the future.
  • Religion:  More disturbing than the violence or small instances of profanity, however, are the overt religious messages that are targeted to children. Early on, Naomi is shown chanting in front of a statue of Buddha and discusses her quest to reach nirvana. She and Noah’s science teacher Mr. White also discuss his repeated dreams about mystical symbols and lucky lottery numbers. Emma communicates with her “mimzy” through telepathy. She also levitates later on, a result of the “magical” nature of the mimzy. After Emma and Noah demonstrate their “special abilities,” Naomi asks to read their palms. And even though the kids’ mom is resistant at first, Naomi proceeds anyway, telling her not to be afraid. Of course, when Emma’s “special” nature is revealed, her mom instantly is a believer. New age crystals and “spinners” also figure significantly into the plot, and there are plenty of not-so-subliminal messages about Mother Earth, global warming and how the earth is dying, and we need to “save” it.