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  • Language/Profanity:  "Swear to G-d"; Helen Keller joke; the "f" word, including "motherf--ker"; "crazy-a--"; "hard-a--"; reference to male sex organ; "sh-t"; "a--holes"; "dumb--s"; reference to anal sex; "b—ch."
  • Smoking/Drinking/Drugs: Drugs are snorted.
  • Sex/Nudity:  A woman is raped during a home invasion, and although there is no nudity, we see the perpetrator looking down on the woman as he finishes assaulting her; a woman's bare backside; male rear nudity.
  • Violence/Crime:  Home invasion depicted, with a man bound and witness to the off-screen murders of his wife and daughter; a lawyer says "some justice is better than no justice at all"; death by lethal injection doesn't go smoothly; an executed man's corpse is badly bruised; police are shot at; a police officer is carjacked; forcible injection of a drug; a temporarily paralyzed man can still feel pain, and is threatened with various forms of torture; we see brief shots of his tormenter cutting into him with a saw, then the aftermath, when the man's head appears to be separated from his body, and blood is everywhere; an inmate stabs another inmate to death; a man bent on revenge says his acts have nothing to do with vengeance; multiple explosions, including car bombs; punching; machine-gunning of automobiles; a missile hits its target.
  • Marriage/Family:  A man avenges the murder of his wife and daughter.
  • Religion:  The killer's catch phrase is, "You can't fight fate"; a man threatens "biblical" retaliation; reference to a movie about good conquering evil and the righteous prospering.