The fact that these performers, who could go the easy route and make hard R-rated comedies in the Apatow mold, have chosen the much more easygoing jibing and ribbing of Grown Ups reveals another dimension to the title of the film. These guys might revel in school-age antics, but they're old enough to know that not all comedy needs to start and stop below the belt. Don't expect a cerebral comedy with Grown Ups, which has more than its share of sexual humor and bodily-function jokes (see the "Cautions" section below). Indeed, don't expect much at all. A low bar is the only way you might be pleasantly surprised by this hit-and-miss comedy.

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  • Language/Profanity:  Lord's name taken in vain; some foul language; people are called "fugly"; scatological humor.

  • Smoking/Drinking/Drugs:  A basketball coach jokes about a dad's "shots"—of alcohol; a discussion in front of children about being "wasted"; a woman spills beer.

  • Sex/Nudity:  A joke that a "house husband" is having his "time of the month"; a man says he has a waitress in his bed, and we see her leg protruding from under the sheets; a reference to a website that provides Asian prostitutes; a married couple hints that they plan to make love, and they touch tongues; a mother breast-feeds her four-year-old, and pumps milk for an animal at one point; she also accidentally sprays breast milk on her friends; reference to a "MILF"; Marcus walks around pantless, and his bare backside is seen; men remember their "first boob"; Eric, shown from behind, urinates while standing in a boat, and is seen by passersby in another boat; he pees on a friend; men ogle a long-legged woman in shorts as she works on a car; jokes about overhearing others having sex; women say they bought bikinis at a store called "Naughty or Nice"; pool scene includes men and women in revealing swimsuits; a joke about being touched as a child; a man in a body cast tries to touch a pregnant woman's belly, but touches her breast instead.

  • Violence/Crime:  A young basketball player blocks an opponent and knocks him to the ground; a young girl accidentally drives a car into a tree; a masseuse accidentally burns a client and himself with a hot stone; Lenny smacks Rob with dehydrated food; kids reminisce about their fathers' punishments, including a "backhand to the head" and being pushed down the stairs; "arrow roulette" leads to a foot wound; woman accidentally hits a child with a rock; a man leads children into a forbidden area of a water park; men urinate in a pool; a man on a zip line runs into a pool house; kicks to the groin area.

  • Marriage:  The men's marriages have some problems. Rob is on his fourth marriage, having earlier married "an eater, a beater and a cheater," according to friends.

  • Religion:  The coach tells his team not to have any regrets at life's final buzzer; a young girl says she was trying to tune in heaven on a car radio; Marcus says dead moths go to hell; the coach's ashes are scattered by his former players.