Bad: The reason for the R rating is mostly language, a couple of scenes of shooting violence and an implied sexual situation that's never shown. Solomon used language (which he later admitted to me that he felt it might be a problem for some Christians) to portray the hardness of the characters and their street lives. Obviously a movie doesn't have to have a lot of bad language or religious profanity to make a point or be a good movie but in this case, the writer/director chose to portray his slice-of-life that way. The pacing is slow, direct, methodical and character driven without a lot of action. The only scene of violence is a flashback to the murder and another shooting situation in the end. It's implied that Manual and Adele spend the night together but no nudity or sexual situation other than kissing is shown.

Bottom Line: This is an insightful tale of second chances -- mesmerizing and challenging. This is not an easy movie to watch, nor is it a movie I'm recommending everyone go see just because it has a Godly message. But if you're interested in a story that shows how God can restore lives that are lost, redeem hearts that have given up on God or don't believe in Him, give forgiveness to those who thought their sin was too great to forgive, and allow those who never thought they would forgive to do so, then this is a movie you will enjoy.