Little Children is the first movie of the fall to lay claim to awards consideration. The acting, from the leads as well as the supporting players, is impeccable. Field's direction is visually spot-on, especially in depicting female isolation and macho male bonding. However, the film includes explicit sexuality, images of online pornography and episodes of sexual disorder that go further than needed.

Field may want to confront us with the raw realities of these behaviors. If so, he succeeded, but to what end? Anyone familiar with Scripture already understands the depths to which created beings can sink. It's the renewing power of godliness that re-creates us. Little Children dives into the former, but barely even hints at the latter. Viewers are advised to proceed with extreme caution. There are rewards here, but a price to pay in acquiring them.


  • Language/Profanity:  Lord's name taken in vain; multiple four-letter words; a woman is referred to as a goddess.
  • Drugs/Alcohol:  Bar scenes.
  • Sex/Nudity:  Explicit sex scenes, with nudity; passionate kissing; a woman speaks of others' fantasy lives; a woman wears a revealing bathing suit; online pornography; scenes of implied masturbation; brief references to transvestites, anonymous gay sex, and anal sex; a man sniffs a pair of panties.
  • Violence:  A young child strikes her mother; a young boy recounts hearing about his father's death in combat; a police officer is accused of shooting an innocent boy; tackle football, without any pads; a frail woman gasps for breath after a run-in with a bully; multiple verbal and visual references to castration; a man cuts his finger with a knife.

Photo courtesy of New Line Cinema