Readers are advised to review the lengthy list of content under the "Cautions" section below to see more details about this PG-13-rated misfire. Better yet, simply avoid Little Fockers at all costs.


  • Language/Profanity:  Multiple instances of the Lord's name taken in vain; discussion of intercourse and crude references made to male and female genitalia; excessive coarse language including a--, b-tch; d-mn; and s-it; boy asks that his finger be pulled, then passes gas.

  • Alcohol/Drugs:  Andi and Greg drink wine with dinner, and Andi washes down a pill with the wine; Andi says she slept with a man after drinking too much; drinking at a social function

  • Sex/Nudity:  Husband and wife kiss; plot revolves around Greg's promotion of an erectile dysfunction drug; illustration of male sex organ; Roz hosts a TV show on sex toys and promotes "musical condoms"; very frank discussion about or references to sex, sexual positions, masturbation, male and female sex organs; Kevin slaps the bottom of a bikini-clad woman; Jack and Greg are mistaken for a gay couple; Dina role-plays sexual games with Jack; Andi confesses her regret to Greg for sleeping with a doctor at a convention; Pam asks another couple to "keep it down" after a night of intimacy; a man gyrates sexually; Andi kisses Greg, takes off her top and skirt, and then jumps on him; Kevin kisses Roz.

  • Violence/Crime:  Projectile vomiting; a knife cut, followed by spurting blood; Kevin puts a young boy to sleep by applying a certain pressure hold; Jack suggests planting a bomb near Bob, but then laughs off the idea; Greg's son walks in while Greg injects adrenaline into Jack to relieve symptoms from erectile dysfunction medicine; later, Greg's son draws a picture of what he saw; boy falls off climbing wall; Jack and Greg fight and throw punches at each other

  • Religion/Morals:  Jack's daughter is going through a separation from her unfaithful husband; Bernie, claiming he's going through "man-o-pause," has left Roz behind to travel to Spain, study flamenco dancing, and find his "true north"; Kevin is into Eastern philosophies and medicine, and mentions "our man Buddha" as well as "J.C."

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