Given their previously established cozy dynamic, it doesn’t take long for Tuck and FDR to realize they’ve fallen for the same girl. But rather than coming to a sensible agreement that probably only one of them should continue vying for Lauren’s affection, they abuse their privileges at work and turn the quest for love into a game.

Since the ensuing hijinks are pretty much all spelled out in the trailer, there aren’t many surprises here. What is surprising, however, is how Lauren responds to the challenge of choosing between Tuck and FDR. While there’s no law against dating two people at the same time, we’re supposed to believe that a well-adjusted thirty-something in search of a meaningful relationship would make her final decision by using a sex tie-breaker? Really?

Funny enough, as raunchy as the humor was in last summer’s R-rated Bridesmaids, even those leading women had a deeper sense of conviction than Lauren does in This Means War. But considering how lackluster the film is in the first place, maybe expecting the characters to aspire to higher standards was simply too much to ask.


  • Drugs/Alcohol: Social drinking shown throughout, plus Trish regularly fills up a “grown up” sippy cup with screwdrivers.  
  • Language/Profanity: The full gamut of expletives, including the Lord’s name taken in vain on several occasions and one “f” bomb.
  • Sex/Nudity: Originally rated R for “some sexual content” because of Chelsea Handler’s particularly bawdy brand of humor, the film is still chock-full of sexually charged innuendo. There’s rather frank discussion of male anatomy and what makes someone good in bed. Sex before marriage is basically considered a no-brainer, and when Lauren can’t decide which of her boyfriends she likes better, she decides a sex tie-breaker will do the trick. No nudity, but Lauren is shown in her bra and undies while getting busy with FDR. We see them wake up together the next morning, but nothing aside from some major making out is shown. Trish jokes about sex with her “fat” husband.
  • Violence: In what’s essentially some James Bond-lite action, a few people are shot and killed when an operation goes very wrong. There’s also a quasi-intense car chase that produces some injuries, and the resident bad guy Heinrich (Til Schweiger, New Year’s Eve) makes several threats against Lauren’s leading men.

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