In fact, the whole movie is a celebration of love and family. Milo struggles to explain to Ki what a mom does, working his way through all the outward expressions of a mother’s care before simply stating, “She loves me.” There’s a scene at the end when Mom risks her life to save Milo—you’ll see it coming a mile away, but that won’t stop your eyes from puddling. And when Mom assures Gribble, “Your mom would be proud of you,” even the burly man seated beside me wiped away tears.

The theater was full of children in my screening, many armed with balloon aliens—which could easily have become helium-filled weapons had the little darlings gotten bored with the film. Fortunately for everyone, the audience was glued to the screen.

Produced by the team behind Disney's A Christmas Carol and The Polar Express, the 3D element added a nice (pardon the pun) dimension to the story. There were no startling effects, but it did pull the viewer into the action. If you (or your child) are particularly frightened of heights, be advised that there are a lot of long drop shots that could be a bit woozy-making.

If your group can wait to go to the restroom, stick around for the credits. They show the actors making the film, covered in the equipment and markings used to create the computer animation characters. It was oddly fascinating to watch Seth Green bounce down a hill onto a mattress. Besides, there’s a fun dance number at the end with the cast and crew that will send you out of the theater with a smile.


  • Drugs/Alcohol: None.
  • Language/Profanity: Part of a rocket suit referred to as “butt blasters.”
  • Sex/Nudity: Numerous nude baby Martians, but they don’t appear to have recognizable genitalia.
  • Violence: A lot of close calls, near falls, and dangling from heights; shooting (ray guns) but no casualties; cattle prod applied to a backside; one (male) nipple twist used to extract information. A male baby Martian nails the supervisor between the eyes with a “shower” during a diaper change. It’s all very cartoon-y and probably non-threatening to all but the most sensitive viewer.