Youth in Revolt is a teen fantasy in which the most of the adult characters are dimwitted religionists and dallying divorcees. The children are self-absorbed and selfish. It's not an attractive group, but Youth in Revolt does have a few laughs—more than one might expect for a film released in mid-January, a traditional dumping ground for forgettable studio films.

That's not a recommendation to see it, but an acknowledgement that the film intermittently succeeds on its own terms. However, there isn't much redemption in the film, which revels in teen-sex fantasies when it's not winking at other destructive behavior. Maybe Youth in Revolt is nothing more than a Porky's or American Pie for Generation Y, with better writing and a much better cast, but the same hormonal force driving the characters' actions. Does that count as progress?

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  • Language/Profanity:  Lord's name taken in vain; several obscenities, including the "f" word several times; discussion of stretch marks; the words "God's Perfect A-shole" are spray painted on the side of a trailer.
  • Smoking/Drinking/Drugs:  Multiple scenes of smoking and drug use; a woman has sleeping pills slipped into her food.
  • Sex/Nudity:  Masturbation; obsessions with losing one's virginity; explicit discussion of male sex organs and various forms of sex and foreplay; birds appear to have sex; a young woman tells a young man that his robe is open; he applies suntan lotion to her "exposed areas," although nothing explicit is shown; the woman says she can tell the man is aroused and that's it's only natural, and discusses the possibility of her own arousal; kissing; a discussion of lovemaking; a woman kisses a dog, then a man; a woman says "people who resist temptation lead depressingly stunted lives"; a man is said to have thrown his back out while having sex; a woman undresses to her underwear and climbs into a bunk bed; a reference to "agonizing female trouble"; an animated montage of sex in various positions.
  • Violence/Crime:  Explosion and property damage.
  • Marriage:  Nick's parents are divorced and are pursuing relationships with other people; Sheeni's parents are religious and protective of her.
  • Religion:  A church sign reads, "Ticket to heaven sold here"; religious wall hangings in a home; a woman calls her religious parents "exhausting"; a mother calls her daughter's boyfriend a "young heathen" and tells him to look into his soul before it's too late; a dog shreds a family Bible and this is taken as a sign of evil.