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  • Language/Profanity:  A girl extends the middle finger of both hands; lots of obscenities, often sexual in nature; multiple uses of the F-word.
  • Smoking/Drinking/Drugs:  Several scenes of smoking, including one where a girl lights the filter end of a cigarette; drinking and drunkenness by adults and teens; Jett drinks vodka out of a squirt gun; a mother asks her grown son if he's on drugs; band members take "uppers" and "downers"; song lyrics refer to being always drunk and stoned; girls do drugs in a restroom; a woman takes her father's prescription pills.
  • Sex/Nudity:  A girl gets her first period; kissing; a man puts his hand between a girl's legs; girls kiss each other; a man puts a girl's hand on his crotch; a girl starts to remove her top and passes out on a bed, her breasts exposed; a woman masturbates but gets aroused only by thoughts of another woman; Jett urinates on guitars and music equipment; girls appear to have sex while in a drug-induced haze; their manager has sex while on the phone; a woman puts on a t-shirt and we see her bare back only; manager encourages the girls to sell sex and violence; woman dances in skimpy outfit for her boyfriend; Jett plays guitar in her underwear; an underwater shot of a woman in a tub, but her body appears to be covered by a cloth.
  • Violence/Crime:  Band has items, including dog feces, thrown at it during rehearsals; manager tells band mates to scatter when the police arrive.
  • Religion:  Sarcastic remark comparing someone to the Virgin Mary and questioning where her disciples were.