Being forced to watch a movie like Sex and the City does offer a couple of powerful reminders, though. For people of faith, it demonstrates yet again how utterly pointless life is—and how difficult relationships are—without a greater purpose for living. And even in all these ladies’ selfish moments, they do have one thing right, and that’s abiding friendship. No matter what they’re going through, day or night, they are always there for each other. Now if they just had a semblance of a moral compass, well, then it would be an entirely different show, now wouldn’t it?


  • Drugs/Alcohol:  Plenty of social drinking and drowning-my-sorrows-in-alcohol moments.
  • Language/Profanity:  Multiple profanities, mostly involving the “f” word.
  • Sex/Nudity:  Be forewarned: This is definitely the HBO, not the edited TBS version of “Sex and the City,” so there’s plenty of push-the-envelope sexual content. Not only do these ladies pontificate extensively about their sex lives, (and graphically so), but we see Miranda and her husband Steve (who are married, incidentally) go at it in one scene (with both male and female nudity with breasts shown). In what’s an ongoing joke through the movie, Samantha watches a neighborhood couple have sex several times, complete with male and female nudity and plenty of leave-nothing-to-the-imagination vocal hysterics. Samantha’s neighbor apparently showers in public, and there’s a lingering close-up of his rear. Later, Samantha lies naked on the kitchen table with only sushi covering her in the appropriate spots. Her boyfriend Smith’s backside is shown in a couple of different scenes, along with their sexual encounters. There’s a kiss between two men at a party. There’s another ongoing joke about Samantha’s recently fixed dog who is always humping anything it deems worthy. And basically, the list could go on and on, meaning there’s no shortage of graphic sex—featuring marrieds and singles— in this city.
  • Violence/Gore:  Only of the comedic variety.