• Drugs/Alcohol:  There's plenty of social drinking (including several scenes in bars and an instance where Milo gets very drunk), and drug theft figures into the murder plot.

  • Language/Profanity:  Multiple instances where God's name is paired with da—, plus a slew of other profanities.

  • Sex/Nudity:  Plenty of sexual innuendos, crude references to genitals and double entendres scattered throughout. During a scene in a strip club, a couple of women's bare bottoms are shown, not to mention ample cleavage. For most of the movie, Nicole runs around in a very tight skirt and blouse, and two men ask to see her breasts in exchange for escape from a sticky situation. Both Milo and Nicole are handcuffed to a bed at different times, and upon discovering Nicole chained up, a maid makes comments about all the strange fetishes she's seen while cleaning hotel rooms. At one point, Nicole straddles and tries to seduce Milo to win her freedom, but he ends up getting the gun anyway.

  • Violence:  Milo gets punched in the groin area a couple of times and is later tasered by Nicole. Other characters are tied up, have their legs broken and are injected with a horse tranquilizer. There's also a car chase scene that results in a vehicle rolling over on the road. Some gunplay also figures in, and there's talk about committing suicide because it relates to a case that Nicole is investigating for a news story.

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