Since “The Passion of the Christ,” it appears that a door has been opened for biblically-based movies to be showcased in mainstream venues, and “The Nativity Story” is a perfect fit for the new wave of receptivity.  (Regrettably, however, not everyone is waiting with open arms.  A local Christian DJ told our audience that a certain Chicago Film Festival tried to disallow this film from showing, but several members of the community got together and pushed it through.)

“The Nativity Story” is a must-see for families this Christmas season.  But beware:  The other cinematic imitations in theaters will suddenly seem even more shallow than before!   

AUDIENCE:  Older children and adults


  • Drugs/Alcohol:  None.
  • Language:  None.
  • Sex:  None.
  • Violence:  Sword fights, Herod’s army thundering into town on horses, kicking in doors, and grabbing babies out of mothers’ arms, etc.