• Language/Profanity: "Oh my God"; "f"-word; "hell"; some other four-letter words.

  • Alcohol/Drugs: Frank smokes electronic cigarettes; after-dinner drinking; an investigator smokes in his office.

  • Sex/Nudity: Surveillance experts watch Elise through a camera, zooming in on her back side; Frank flirts with Elise, telling her she's ravenous, and she corrects him, saying the correct term is "ravishing" and that he is the one who is "ravenous"; Elise invites Frank to stay in her hotel room, even though she's involved with another man, and then makes Frank sleep on the couch; we see Elise's robe hit the floor and see her in her night clothes; Frank and Elise kiss.

  • Violence/Crime: Ivan wants Alexander dead; men shoot at Frank and chase him across the rooftops of Venice; Frank, in flight from danger, knocks a man into the water; a boat rams another boat and pulls a man into the water; Ivan is rumored to have killed every man who slept with his wife, then killed his wife, too; snipers shoot several people; Ivan chokes a man to death in front of other men; he turns over bookcases in search of a safe; he puts a knife to Elise's face and threatens to disfigure her; Alexander is accused of stealing 744 million British pounds.

  • Religion/Morals: Elise explains the Janus figure, saying it represents two sides to human nature, one good and one evil, and that we must embrace both; Frank lies that Elise is his wife.

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