• Drugs/Alcohol: Alcohol flows freely throughout. Sebastian (Ben Foster) is shown doing a line of cocaine. A character relapses back into alcoholism. Drugs also figure prominently into the storyline.
  • Language/Profanity: A very steady stream of expletives throughout—the “f” word is the most commonly used. God and Jesus’s names are also taken in vain on multiple occasions, plus sh--, da--, he--, bitc-, as-hole, as-.
  • Sex/Nudity: Kissing. A very rude verbal jab involving female genitalia. Sebastian tries to make a move on Chris’s wife but doesn’t get very far.
  • Violence: Several action scenes involving some serious machine gun shootouts. Several innocent police officers are killed throughout. Cars (with people inside) are purposely run into in rather dramatic fashion by other vehicles (major injuries result). Chris gets into several fights, mostly with the lowlife Briggs. Kate and her kids are threatened in a couple of different scenes, but she’s not afraid to throw a punch. Kate suffers a head injury so dramatic that Sebastian assumes she’s dead. She’s eventually wrapped in a plastic bag and thrown in a ditch that’s soon to be covered with concrete.

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