While eccentric characters definitely liven things up on most sitcoms (see "Northern Exposure," "Gilmore Girls," "Friends"), there are just too many oddities to provide any sense of connection in The Back-up Plan. Even when the characters try to inject a moment of realism into the proceedings by talking about how much raising a baby, let alone two, actually costs, it still comes across as disingenuous because everything in the script is so contrived.

This being a romantic comedy, and one that stars J. Lo in particular, you already know that everything is going to turn out okay, though. But be forewarned: the journey to happy-ever-after is littered with every bad pregnancy gag in the book, rendering the title more of a warning to stay far, far away than an actual selling point.


  • Drugs/Alcohol:  Social drinking.

  • Language/Profanity:  A smattering of profanity throughout including several instances where God's name is taken in vain and one use of the "f" word.

  • Sex/Nudity:  Zoe is artificially inseminated in a doctor's chair, and we observe all the gory details. Zoe and Stan sleep together on their third date, and once Zoe is further along in her pregnancy, she's quite turned on by even the slightest physical affection. All matters of pregnancy (and what happens anatomy-wise) are discussed in graphic detail. A mom is shown breast-feeding her three year old. Zoe's backside is briefly shown in a thong. A woman's lower region is briefly flashed during a childbirth scene.

  • Violence:  Only of a comedic nature.

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