Adam agrees but then finds himself in over his head, exploiting an Eikon marketing executive (Amber Heard, Drive Angry) for information, even as he falls for her.

That relationship subplot is just one of Paranoia's excuses for showing its lead actor shirtless. Although Hemsworth has more potential as an actor than his hunk-of-the-moment reputation might indicate, the filmmakers all-too-apparently doubt their audience's interest in his acting ability. The same can't be said for Oldman and Ford, who dig into their villainous roles with relish, even though the story, based on a novel by Joseph Finder, plays like a rehash of every other corporate thriller of the past decade.

Will the failure of Paranoia hurt Ford's 42 Oscar chances? Maybe not. To do damage, voters will have to remember Paranoia come the end of the year. Frankly, those who see it will have a hard time remembering it by the time they go home. Despite some zesty moments for Oldman and Ford, Paranoia evokes nothing like the sensation indicated by its title. "Ponderous" is more apt.

CAUTIONS (may contain spoilers)

  • Language/Profanity: Lord's name taken in vain; s-word; a-word; "what the hell"; "p-ss and vinegar"
  • Drinking/Smoking: Several scenes of drinking, including excessive consumption at a nightclub; Jock's son is said to have died from a drug overdose; cigar smoking
  • Sex/Nudity: A man stares at a woman's backside; a nightclub bouncer says the club has a "no virgins" policy; a man says to a woman that now that they’re not working together, the can start sleeping together; at a nightclub, a woman tells her male co-workers that if they don’t "get lucky" that night, they never will; Adam wakes up in the bed of a woman he met at a nightclub; we see Adam's chest several times, and see him walking around with a towel around his waist, as well as showering (from the waist up); a woman wrapped in a towel gets out of the shower; when a man's girlfriend gets hit on at a bar, her boyfriend informs the man, "We’re sleeping together"; Adam says, "I'm trying to sleep my way to the top"; kissing; Adam and Emma have sex, and we see both of their bare upper backs
  • Violence/Crime: Adam struggles with an armed man; punching; a man is struck by a car
  • Religion/Morals/Marriage: Adam's team members criticize him for "arguing with God"—a reference to their company's boss; trust is said to be the "holy grail" of espionage; a character says, "there is no right and wrong, only winning and losing"

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Publication date: August 19, 2013