Let Me In captures the uncertainty of adolescence, and the consequences of allowing impressionable youths to forge bonds with allies about whom little is known. It's about vulnerable young men, distracted parents, and the poor decisions that can result from a lack of involvement and oversight in the life of a child. It's a wake-up call for parents who don't know enough about their own children and their kids' friends.

If you see it, prepare to be disturbed—but also to be reminded of the power of temptation, especially for children who feel lonely, isolated and in need of companionship. It's easy for them to choose poorly. What can you do to ensure that they don't fall victim to evil?

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  • Language/Profanity:  "Jesus Christ"; "f" word multiple times; "b-tch"; several uses of "God"; "a-s"; "go-d-mnit"; "crap."
  • Smoking/Drinking/Drugs:  Owen's mother drinks wine.
  • Sex/Nudity:  Owen spies on neighbors as they kiss, and as the man caresses the woman's bare breast; Abby disrobes (not seen) and crawls into Owen's bed; Abby kisses Owen.
  • Violence:  A burn victim is treated in an ambulance; Owen practices holding a knife and making verbal threats in front of a mirror; Owen is bullied by three boys in a school locker room, and is given a wedgie that makes him urinate in his pants; Owen buys a knife and sticks it into a tree several times; the guardian hides in the back of cars and then rises up to kill the drivers; he strings up the first body in the woods, sticks a knife in the victim's throat and drains blood into a receptacle; Abby attacks a passerby, and blood is shown dripping from her mouth; she breaks his neck; a boy is whipped three times; Abby tells Owen to physically retaliate against bullies; a car crash from the perspective of inside the vehicle; a man pours acid onto himself, disfiguring his face; Abby drinks a man's blood, and he falls to his death; a boy hits another boy with a large pole, tearing his ear; Owen makes a pact with Abby by cutting his hand and drawing blood; Abby licks blood from floor; Abby attacks a woman, who later turns into a vampire, sucking blood from her own arm and catching fire when exposed to sunlight; a nurse burns to death; Abby bleeds uncontrollably when entering a room without an invitation; blood drains in a shower; Owen watches Abby, who has only a towel around herself; detective pulls a gun and breaks down a door; Abby attacks a man and kills him; a near-drowning; a brief image of a decapitated head and other body parts; bodies strewn about a pool.
  • Religion/Morals:  Evil is discussed through political speeches and a detective's suspicions about a satanic cult; Owen's mother is has a picture of Jesus on the wall of their home, and she prays for Owen's protection while saying grace; a detective says, "Jesus, Mary, Joseph"; a sermon can be heard being delivered in the background in one scene; Owen's parents are divorcing, and they argue on the phone; Owen's father tells him that he disapproves of the religious enthusiasm of Owen's mother; Owens asks his father if there's such a thing as evil; Owen steals $20 from his mother's wallet and, as he does so, notices a picture of Jesus on the wall.