Phantom is an act of historical invention that never engages the imagination. It’s a dreary story that merely tests viewers’ patience. Better to let this one sink to the bottom and instead revisit one of the better underwater thrillers of recent decades. Besides The Abyss, try 1990’s John McTiernan-directed adaptation of Tom Clancy’s The Hunt for Red October, a skillfully made Cold War submarine thriller that delivers everything Phantom doesn’t.


  • Language/Profanity: Lord’s name taken in vain; a few uses of the “f”-word; “s-it”; “son of a b-tch”
  • Alcohol/Smoking/Drugs: Several scenes of drinking; smoking; pills washed down with liquor
  • Sex/Nudity: Cleavage; a man puts his face in a woman’s chest
  • Violence/Crime: A suicide by shot to the head; discussion of a suicide attempt; throat slit; a gun pointed; shootings
  • Religion: A character asks, "Do you think we can be redeemed for the things we have done?"; A priest says to Demi, "You wonder why He's silent and you have so many questions." Demi replies, "It was pretty much a one-way conversation." Asked if he wants to confess, Demi says, "Confession for what?"; a man sees a crucifix and asks, "You think icons are going to save you?"

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Publication date: March 1, 2013