Hmmm . . . must be werewolf-speak.  Or how about this one: “If you’d have cared a GD thing about me, you’d have left me before we met.”  I assume this was translated from Romanian?  By someone who doesn’t speak English, no doubt.

Bruckner appears to have overdosed on Botox or Prozac (if not both), because she doesn’t move her face at all.  Martinez, who is normally quite good, doesn’t offer more than a few snarls, and Dancy, who is equally adept, seems lost in his role as well.  Then again, who wouldn’t be, with lines like, “Full of secrets, aren’t you?”  Bruckner and Dancy have so little chemistry together, in fact, that when they finally kissed, I actually winced. 

As for the special effects, we don’t ever get to see any wolf transformations, which might have livened things up a little.  The actors go from human to animal with only a few quick (and cheap) flashes of light.  So what’s good about the film?  Well, aside from the cinematography, there is this hope of a “new age,” which we don’t usually see in werewolf movies.  However, I can’t help but wonder exactly what that means, because it’s never even explored.  An age when werewolves will rule the world?  Oh, I’m licking my chops.

AUDIENCE:  Older teens and up


  • Deleted Scenes
  • Commentary with Director Katja Von Garnier and Olivier Martinez


  • Occult: References to werewolf legends, which include prophecies, church-like preaching and meetings that center around ritualized slaughter; several creepy church scenes; main character, who is a werewolf, has a cross tattoo.
    * Drugs/Alcohol: Moderate.  Several nightclub scenes with close-ups and discussions of alcoholic drinks, especially absinthe, as well as shots of bottles on wall behind bar; in one scene, characters down shots of absinthe; in another, alcohol is spilled onto floor and bursts into flames; character speaks of father, who is an addict.
  • Language/Profanity: Moderate.  A dozen or so obscenities and profanities.
  • Sexual Content/Nudity: Moderate.  Suggestive dancing by two female characters; singer sings lewd lyrics (which can be easily understood); character grabs derriere of a woman, who pushes him away by the crotch and says, “In your dreams!”; photo of rear female nudity; female character briefly appears nude, lying on her side (no visible genitalia); couple kisses several times; older woman sports cleavage, appears wearing only a sheet, rebukes her husband for adultery and tries to entice him to their bedroom; other various verbal innuendo, as well as implied incest theme (which is not addressed as such).
  • Violence: Strong, with numerous threats, menaces, fighting and attacks, including some on humans, which are mostly shown from a distance or offscreen; woman is mauled (offscreen) and left dead, covered in blood; parents are shot by authorities, who burn a home and pursue a terrified young child with snarling dogs; various frightening graveyard, street and church scenes; several gun fights and wolf fights.