• Drugs/Alcohol:  Precious' mother is rarely seen without a cigarette and actually beats her daughter if she doesn't come back with any when she's sent out for more.
  • Language/Profanity:  There are multiple (and I do mean multiple) uses of the f-word, plus a steady stream of other profanity, including multiple instances when God's name is misused. 
  • Sex/Nudity:  Precious' own father rapes her—and is the father of her two sons. In two heartbreaking scenes, she's strapped to a bed as he sexually abuses her. Some details of the first time she was abused (at age 3) are also spelled out in gory detail. It's also implied that Mary sexually abuses Precious, too. Ms. Rain, who plays a crucial part in helping Precious understand that she is valuable and loved is a lesbian with a partner. In one scene, we see Ms. Rain and her partner share a kiss. In another scene, Precious is breast-feeding her son, and the camera lingers. 
  • Violence:  Aside from the aforementioned sexual abuse from her dad and Mom, Mary also abuses Precious physically by hitting her with pots, a potted plant and dishes and verbally by saying really cruel things. They are shown in several very heated scuffles. Precious also fights with people at school, some who call her "Fat" and another for cussing out the teacher she has a crush on. 
  • Spirituality:  There isn't much here, but Precious does reference how God ("or whoever") makes new days.  There's also a scene where Precious walks by a gospel music and hears singing. Then in one of her imaginary moments (she has several of these to get her through the tough times) she's inside with the church members singing right along.

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