From a spiritual point of view, there’s not much here.  The film serves as a huge advertisement for Freemasons (not to mention countless commercial products), which claim Christians as members, but which require them to make promises, such as blood oaths, that directly contradict Scripture, as well as swear allegiance to nothing higher than themselves, which necessarily includes Jesus Christ.  However, it is undeniable that the founders of our country were indeed Freemasons, as are countless political leaders today around the world.  So it is of historical interest, if not spiritual as well, that the film points out how very pervasive the influence of the Freemasons is and was.

“Here’s to the men who did what was considered wrong, in order to do what they knew was right,” says Ben, justifying what he believes to be the only way to protect the Declaration of Independence – by stealing it.  The premise that the end justifies the means is morally shaky at best.  However, it will provide ample opportunity for discussion while also conveying just how fun history can be. 

“Raiders of the Lost Ark” it isn’t, but this Jerry Bruckheimer-produced thriller is nevertheless the rare exception when it comes to family-friendly films.  Although younger kids may be bored, particularly with an opening that takes 30 minutes to get to its first action scene, older kids will enjoy figuring out the clues and hearing lots of interesting facts, like who started Daylights Savings Time (Ben Franklin).  And, if adults remember to leave their thinking caps in the lobby, they’ll enjoy the film as well.
AUDIENCE:  Adolescents and up


  • Drugs/Alcohol Content:    Mild.  A few characters sip champagne at formal, black-tie reception.  Character offers drink to another character, then sips what appears to be whiskey.
  • Language/Profanity:   Mild.  A couple of British obscenities (“bloody”).
  • Sexual Content/Nudity:  Mild to none.  Characters briefly kiss at the end of the movie and she gives him a map for a treasure hunt, which could imply a sexual promise, but it is not obvious.
  • Violence:   Average to heavy, in ways that are appropriate for mature adolescents.  Characters wave gun, shoot, threaten and engage in life-threatening stunts similar to those portrayed in James Bond movies.  On several occasions, the main characters are placed in jeopardy by thieves and risk their lives, but always come out safely.