• Commentary with writer and director James Gray
  • Tension: Creating We Own the Night
  • Police Action:  Filming cops, cars and chaos
  • A Moment in Crime:  Creating Late ’80s Brooklyn
  • Previews


  • Drugs/Alcohol:  The film’s theme is drug dealing, so drug use (including its importing, manufacturing and distribution) play a prominent role throughout film. In numerous scenes, characters snort cocaine, smoke marijuana and become intoxicated.  Significant portrayal of alcohol use and cigarette smoking as well.
  • Language/Profanity:  Repeated profanities and obscenities throughout film, many of which are strong.
  • Sexual Content/Nudity:  Extremely graphic sexual situations in several scenes, including couple groping one another in bed; nude strippers (above the waist); and a few sexual references.  Female character is typically scantily clad and often acts suggestively.
  • Violence:  Extremely intense and emotional portrayals of mafia-style violence throughout film, especially shooting, stabbing and blood.  A son watches his father brutally assassinated; a man slits his own throat and lies bleeding on floor; a police officer is shot at point blank range; hospital scenes with critically wounded people; a SWAT team raids an apartment and many people are killed, with graphic shooting, stabbing, fighting and bleeding; intense chase scene where numerous people are attacked and killed; in a warehouse shoot-out many characters are killed; police stalk criminals in a field, where some are shot and killed.  When no violence is onscreen, there is often the ominous threat of same.