• Language/Profanity:  Lord's name taken in vain; abundant foul language, including several uses of the "F" word; some racial humor; crude, sexual song lyrics and discussion of sexual prowess, penis size, a woman's vagina.

  • Smoking/Drinking/Drugs:  Aldous says he's been sober seven years but has "had a few drinks" during that time; several scenes of joints being smoked and of drinking.

  • Sex/Nudity:  Sexual images; a man suggests to his girlfriend that they videotape themselves having sex; genitals and other body parts are digitized out of video footage; a man and woman have sex in a bathroom stall; breasts are fondled; sex toys are displayed and used on unsuspecting characters, one of whom says he feels like he's "just been raped"; Aldous says monogamy is pointless; a music video is full of anal-sex imagery and related song lyrics; strippers are shown at a strip club; Aldous is shown in his underwear; Aaron and his girlfriend are shown in bed early in the film, then in bed with Aldous late in the film, during a threesome; two men kiss; Aaron's bare backside is shown; oral sex under sheets is implied more than once.

  • Violence/Crime:  Multiple scenes of vomiting; Aaron agrees to insert of bag of heroin into his rectum before boarding a long flight; retrieval of the drugs is shown, in silhouette; a stabbing victim is dropped at the door to an emergency room, covered in blood; men throw plates and bottles at each other; a suicidal man threatens to jump from a great height; a man breaks his arm and a bone protrudes from it.