While Timberlake won’t be nominated for an Oscar anytime soon, he does an admirable job with a role that’s so thinly drawn. Aside from that, however, the best thing that can be said for this lame cautionary tale on how “crime doesn’t pay” is that it doesn’t drag on and on with unnecessary side plots. Underscoring the filmmaker’s brazen lack of ambition, Runner Runner coasts by with sloppy editing, chintzy cinematography and a basic disregard for good dialogue and character development—something you’d think a veteran actor like Affleck would’ve known to pass on by now.


  • Drugs/Alcohol: Social drinking. Illegal drugs are planted in Richie’s suitcase.
  • Language/Profanity: Multiple uses of the f-word, sh--, as- and a couple of misuses of God’s name.
  • Sex/Nudity: Crass references to female anatomy. It’s implied that Richie and Rebecca sleep together (no nudity, just kissing is shown). In order to secure an important client, Ritchie is encouraged by his boss to  make sure a married man with a weakness for beautiful woman stumbles by setting him up on a private boat with many tempting options. Later on, we learn the shenanigans were filmed, and Ritchie shows the guy the video of him having sex with two women (there’s quick flashes of the women’s bare breasts and some pretty explicit sexual movements). Several law enforcement officials are shown with a bevy of women in skimpy lingerie (lots of close-ups of cleavage and women sitting in suggestive positions).
  • Violence: Ritchie is beat up on several occasions, almost thrown off a building and threatened with a gun. As punishment for not complying with Ivan’s instructions, two men are dunked in chicken fat and thrown into a river filled with hungry alligators.

*This Review Published 10/4/2013