• Language/Profanity:  "Apes-it"; an author says his book contains "mild swearing and … violence"; multiple reference to "gonads"; "cr-p"; a woman asks to borrow money to buy tampons; "bast-rdizing my work"; "bu-thole."
  • Smoking/Drinking/Drugs:  A woman appears to down several pills with liquor after her advances are rejected by a younger man.
  • Sex/Nudity:  None, but a strange scene of a man cooing into a woman's ear while lotion is rubbed into her hand; book-cover illustrations and action scenes of women whose breasts are used as lethal weapons; an injured literary hero is said to "sew his junk back on," and we see a shot of him doing this, clothed, from behind; a woman tells a man that they "shared suckle at my mother's breast"; Benjamin's friend says his mom is "smokin' hot"; mother reviews an insert from her bra; a woman enters a hotel room where Benjamin is waiting for her, but nothing transpires; verbal reference to "mammary cannon," "breast meat," ovaries, "gorgeous hag"; Benjamin's mother sells something called "country balls," the name of which leads to double entendres; kissing after an instance of vomiting; a transsexual character mentions how large his breasts are; mother is propositioned by a fashion designer; Benjamin complains that a director has turned the protagonist in Benjamin's story "into a tranny."
  • Violence/Crime:  A cat attacks a man; injection of a drug; some gross-out scenes of animal defecation; blow-dart attacks; a flying deer shoots at people on the ground, and the hero fights back by spraying a purple stream of liquid from his mouth; scenes of vomiting, with leftover vomit shown on the faces of the sick; an actor says he punched a director in the neck; Benjamin throws a statue through the window of a man who propositioned his mother, and the man responds by shooting at Benjamin and his mother with a pistol; more B-movie violence includes footage of actors being shot and killed.
  • Religion:  Benjamin is assigned a "Guardian Angel" from his church, because, his mother says, Benjamin doesn't have any friends; a painting of Jesus hangs on the wall of Benjamin's home; shot of mother and son in church listening to a choir; Benjamin's mother asks him to pray that a designer would like the collection of gowns she's designed; Chevalier makes a prayer-like gesture toward a fan and says, "May the gods bless you."