Ho hum. For a movie dealing with centuries-old conflicts, Season of the Witch generates barely a moment's interest. It will be forgotten by next weekend. But the industry needs to remember it and give Cage the decent comeback role he so sorely needs. What audiences do not want or need is a repeat of this poor performance.


  • Language/Profanity:  "p-ss"; "b-tch"; "my God."

  • Alcohol/Drugs:  Behman and Felson offer to buy drinks for the one who kills the most men; alcohol poured on a wound; drinking from a flask.

  • Sex/Nudity:  Felson remembers the things a woman could do in bed; a woman accused of being a witch says a captor "touched" her; a woman on a floor is clearly unclothed, but nothing explicit is shown.

  • Violence/Crime:  Three women accused of being witches are hung, and their corpses pulled from the water; several scenes of combat, sword fighting, death; a woman is impaled; a woman attacks her captors and is struck in the head; a mass grave; a man is run through with a sword; man devoured by wolves; stabbing; a man removes a knife from his back; a neck is snapped; a man burned alive.

  • Religion:  The church is on the warpath, and is condemned by the two lead characters for its violence; women accused of being in a pact with Satan; and one says that yes, she entered into such a pact; women are said to "burn in hell"; corpses return to life; a man asks, "Ever get the feeling that God has too many enemies?"; during the Crusades, men are said to be fighting against "those who have sinned against God and his only son"; Behman declares that he serves God, but "will serve the church no more"; a man says "prayer is our only salvation" and recites the Lord's Prayer; he says "a benevolent God would not ask such things" as are asked of him; jokey references to "holy water"; a woman appears to be able to manipulate people, even while locked in a cage; holy water sizzles when thrown against a woman accused of being a witch; a burial concludes with the words, "God be with you."

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