As someone inching in on my first wedding anniversary, the story did remind me of a few important things, though. It reinforced how selfish behavior never contributes to a healthy relationship and how incredibly thankful I am that my husband Will and I have God with us on our wedded journey. Because without Him, it would be much easier to fall into the same traps these characters have. And who wants that?
AUDIENCE:  Adults only


  • Alcohol/Smoking:  There are several scenes, particularly at the wedding, where alcohol is consumed. Michael decides “how wasted he wants to be” while talking with Kim at the wedding. A couple of characters are shown smoking.
  • Language/Profanity:  There’s plenty of salty language throughout including several uses of the “f” word, crass discussion of sex and incidents of the Lord’s name taken in vain.
  • Sex/Nudity:  Before I get into the specifics, viewers should be warned that there’s more gratuitous sex and nudity in this movie than I’ve seen in a R-rated flick for a while. During the bachelor party, two female strippers are shown kissing and fondling each other while naked (breasts are shown). When he’s not discussing “getting laid,” Kenny is shown having sex with a woman he met at the wedding on two different occasions (the scenes are pretty graphic, and bare bottoms and breasts are shown). Michael and Kim have a one-night stand. Izzy’s ex-girlfriend is shown getting dressed after sleeping with her new boyfriend. 
  • Violence:  For shock value during an argument, Jenna waves a large knife at Michael.