• Drugs/Alcohol:  Drinking, smoking; consumption of illegal drugs is alluded to and/or assumed. 
  • Language/Profanity:  The full range of profanities, used constantly, including crude sexual phrases and references.  The middle-finger is used.  Derogatory homosexual references used. 
  • Sex/Nudity:  A lot of female nudity (strip clubs, at a drug lord's mansion, porn stars on a picket line).  A prolonged sequence of explicit sexual intercourse in a public venue.  One stripper kisses and gropes another in the back of a car.  Extreme close-ups of parts of male genitalia. 
  • Violence/Other:  Graphic violence and visuals throughout.  An open body on a surgical table/full chest-cavity open, organs removed.  A man is anally raped with a shotgun.  Various body parts are cut off.  Bloody/graphic gun violence is common.  Self-mutilation.  A dog attacks a man.  Man's head is kept alive with a machine.  A man is whipped across his bare back.  Cars drive into and over people. 

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