Collette, on the other hand, is quite believable – although she tends to overplay her part, giving it just a tad too much melodrama.  Cannavale and Sandra Oh (“Sideways”), who are always outstanding, just don’t have enough screen time – much like Culkin, who appears only in flashback and fantasy sequences. 

The biggest problem is the script which, at 81 minutes, doesn’t give us enough time or motivation to attach to the characters – especially Noone.  And yet, because the film is so plodding, it feels much, much longer.  There are also issues with credibility, such as why Noone would go to such incredible lengths – including risking his life and even committing crimes – to discover the truth about the boy.  And then they give away the end, well in advance of the film's conclusion – a major faux pas for thrillers. 

As a result, I wasn’t engaged by the story or its “mystery,” which seemed fairly humdrum, “Law and Order” style.  Once you’re over the disturbing sexual content and, of course, the phallic humor so ubiquitous in homosexual-themed films, it’s still a very mediocre effort.

AUDIENCE:  Adults only


  • “The Night Listener Revealed" – an in-depth look at the movie’s plot twists.
  • Deleted Scene


  • Drugs/Alcohol:   A character drinks in several scenes.
  • Language/Profanity:   Several dozen obscenities and profanities, some lewd; many strong. A handful of profane slang references as well.
  • Sexual Content/Nudity:  Brief scenes of nudity and partial nudity in the context of an orgy; multiple references, including some lewd ones, to homosexuality; two men hug; two men kiss (partially obscured).
  • Violence:   Innocent man is brutally tasered by police officer; various references to pedophilia, including some flashback scenes of child sexual abuse; woman tries to kill herself and another man at the same time; man breaks into a house; man illegally goes into a hospital and terrifies patient then runs from security guards.