• Drugs/Alcohol:  Wine and champagne served and consumed at social events.
  • Language/Profanity:  No actual profanity, just one use of "dang" and "heck."
  • Sex/Nudity:  Some cleavage-revealed gowns on a few of the women. At one point, Ray (a Cajun firefly) mentions that one of his lightning bug pals got in trouble when he flashed the neighbors. Prince Naveen is quite the ladies' man and references that on a couple of occasions.
  • Violence:  Mostly of a comedic nature, although there are a handful of perilous situations when the frogs are chased by hunters and other swampland creatures. In another scene, Ray actually gets squashed. Other characters are chased and dragged by shadow-y figures.
  • Religion:  Given that it's set in New Orleans, it's probably no surprise that voo-doo makes it into the movie somehow. In this case, it drives the evil part of the plot. The Shadow Man, a shady nemesis with his own endgame consults tarot cards and gets help from his "friends from the other side" to carry out his plans. He eventually uses these dark powers to turn Naveen into a frog (and Naveen's butler into a prince, something he's always wanted to be). But when The Shadow Man's spell on Naveen loses its potency because it's running out of the prince's blood, he promises his dead friends (who are now masks hanging on his wall) that when he's in charge, they'll have control over the wayward souls in the city if they help him. 

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