• Language/Profanity:  "Jesus"; a couple uses of the "f"-word; "s-it"; "a-shole"; a joke about lesbians; "b-tch"; "oh God"; "d-mmit"; hostile text messages.

  • Alcohol/Drugs:  Drinking and smoking in several scenes; mixing of prescription drugs and alcohol.

  • Sex/Nudity:  Two women do a pole dance; dancer gets into bed with Johnny and kisses him; women make themselves sexually available to Johnny, who sometimes takes advantage; Johnny beds a woman at a party then falls asleep during sex; shots of Johnny in the shower, from the waist up; sex is said to be "not even that good"; sex in a hotel room; a male masseuse undresses to give Johnny a massage, but Johnny jumps up and dismisses him; a woman opens her bikini top for Johnny; women make themselves available to Johnny in front of his daughter; sunbathing; a topless woman in Johnny's bed; another topless woman gets her hair cut; sunbathing.

  • Gambling:  Johnny plays craps with his daughter at his side.

  • Violence/Crime:  Johnny falls down some stairs, and his wrist ends up in cast.

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