The Lucky One takes a few swings at the idea that life is not entirely within our control. The dialogue suggests that there’s a reason some things happen—even things that are difficult to understand. The story makes no specific biblical application of that point, but it does include a few scenes that involve Beth’s local Congregational church. The film also includes a couple of extended scenes of PG-13 sex. (That the two people might marry before sleeping with each other is never discussed.)

It’s all a bit pat—more "Hallmark Hall of Fame" than big-screen worthy drama. Some viewers will appreciate the familiarity and predictability of the story—who doesn’t enjoy a rerun of a favorite television show? But those looking for something deeper than TV-movie-of-the-week storytelling will find the film marginal at best. By the time Logan, exasperated, asks another character, “Am I boring you?” the answer will be all too apparent.


  • Language/Profanity: “Hell”; “bull-hit”; “ass”; “s-it”; “da-n.”
  • Alcohol/Smoking/Drugs: Logan says he’ll have to have a few beers before he starts telling jokes, beer drinking in numerous scenes; a flask is shared.
  • Sex/Nudity: A young boy is shown in his underwear; passionate kissing leads to sex, with Beth straddling Logan on a chair, much caressing, hands sliding below clothes, removal of clothes, including a bra; a second love scene; characters are shown waking up in bed.
  • Violence/Crime: War violence, including explosions and gunfire; Logan chokes a young boy who tries to wake him up; a woman destroys a garden; discussion about the possibility of a friendly-fire incident; Keith abuses his authority as an officer of the law; Beth speculates that neighbors may think she beats her son; Beth says her parents died in a car accident when she was young; a gun is pointed at a man, but the armed man is disarmed; men risk their lives to lead a young boy to safety.
  • Marriage/Religion: Reference to a guardian angel; a woman explains that she got pregnant earlier in life and married the father, but the father never stopped dating; Beth is part of a local Congregational church; the church has a plant sale, and we see hymn-singing and instrumental performances at church; Keith is violent toward Beth and talks about “making a man” of their young son; Keith threatens to take custody of his and Beth’s son; a character is asked, “Do you think life has a plan for you?”; a comparison between finding a picture in a war zone to finding “an angel in hell”; Beth’s grandmother says Logan found the picture of Beth for a reason; a character says everyone has their own destiny, but not everyone chooses to follow it; Logan says the best part of performing at church is the forgiving audience.

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