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  • Drugs/Alcohol:  Nightclub scenes include drinking; a police officer has a drink.
  • Language/Profanity:  Some profanity.
  • Sex/Nudity:  None, but two co-workers flirt and, in an effort to avoid detection, kiss; a woman’s professional dress reveals cleavage; a woman keeps handcuffs attached to her headboard; provocative dancing at a nightclub; a woman’s panties are seen; a woman in a bra; gunfire and killing; a man beats a woman to death; a pregnant woman’s top is unbuttoned by a man, and her belly is exposed.
  • Violence:  An arrow is fired and nearly hits someone; flames engulf human limbs; the cries of victims being killed off-screen can be heard; limbs are snapped and people are dispatched during martial arts combat; a missile is fired and explodes on impact; a child appears to have been shot, but is unharmed; a cut on a woman’s arm is healed miraculously; a gun is inserted into someone’s mouth; two necks are broken; blood drips from the mouth of one victim; men are pelted with fruit by an angry mob; a man is impaled.
  • Religion:  Eastern principles of self-mastery and looking within for a source of power are espoused, although specific religious language is not used; a man is said to have transferred the elements of his soul into his unborn child; a woman says she’s found something to believe in—a group of individuals; a man says people should construct a temple to him in gratitude for the changes he plans to bring in their lives.