DVD Release Date: November 29, 2011
Theatrical Release Date: August 26, 2011
Rating: R (for sexual content, including nudity, and for language throughout)
Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 90 min.
Director: Jesse Peretz
Actors: Paul Rudd, Kathryn Hahn, Zooey Deschanel, Rashida Jones, Hugh Dancy, Elizabeth Banks, Adam Scott, Emily Mortimer, Steve Coogan

For free-wheeling organic farmer Ned (Paul Rudd, How Do You Know), ignorance is, indeed, bliss.

Preferring to see our cruel, cynical world through an unfailingly optimistic lens, his good intentions and hakuna matata, hippie sensibilities never fail to get him in trouble. One moment he’s selling weed to a uniformed cop who insisted he had a “really hard week” (cue: orange jumpsuit and an early release for being such an amiable inmate), the next he’s unexpectedly making friends with the celebrity his sister is interviewing for Vanity Fair.

Naturally, the heiress who wouldn’t answer any of Miranda’s (Elizabeth Banks, The Next Three Days) probing questions about a particularly tumultuous relationship, opens up to Ned without even batting an eyelash. Upon hearing about their “private” conversation, Miranda doesn’t have much trouble convincing him to spill the beans, especially since he needs money to move into his own place (cue: impending lawsuit and Miranda losing her job when Ned won’t vouch for the quotes).

See, after Ned’s released from jail, his fellow peace-loving girlfriend Janet (Kathryn Hahn, Revolutionary Road) has not only given him the boot, but let another guy move in. Worse yet, she also fired him from his organic farming gig and won’t let him take his beloved pup, Willie Nelson, who is clearly the love of his life, either. So being brokenhearted with no place to live, no money and no immediate career prospects, he heads back to the city and crashes with his mom.

When regular trips to the craft store with Mom grow boring, however, Ned opts for a change of scenery. Since his sister Liz (Emily Mortimer, Cars 2) said, albeit flippantly, that her family’s front door was always open, Ned decides to take her up on that, much to her dismay. Eventually talking her cad of a husband (Steve Coogan, The Other Guys) into giving him a job on his film set, Ned not only messes things up by teaching these pacifists’ son how to fight, hence ruining the kid’s chances of getting into a prestigious private school, but he actually believes Dylan’s explanation for why he and one of his actresses were doing an “interview” in the nude. As expected, this news doesn’t end up sitting well once it gets back to Miranda or Liz when Miranda informs her that Dylan is having an affair.