Naturally, when people are mourning so many loved ones that a transport plane was actually required to airlift the bodies back home from France, revenge is immediately on their mind once they realize Bryan is nearby. Rather than kidnapping Kim as their first play, however, it’s Bryan and Lenore who are "taken." As grim as the situation appears, with poor Lenore hanging upside down in a warehouse with a slit throat and a black hood over her head, and Bryan chained to a pipe nearby, all it takes is a quick call to Kim with elaborate instructions involving a shoestring and a map to help triangulate their location. If that wasn’t already ridiculous enough, Mills has Kim toss around some live grenades to finish the job.

So Kim is, apparently, a quick study. Even though she's failed her driving test twice now, she’s capable of pulling some serious fast and furious maneuvers behind the wheel. Yes, folks, that's just how dumb this movie is.

As laughable as some of the antics were in the first Taken (a teenager being allowed to travel to Paris without a chaperone; a guy with no discernable muscles hurting people so spectacularly), there was still something rewarding about watching a father go to such great lengths to rescue his daughter from the clutches of sexual slavery. With Taken 2, Neeson looks like he’s merely going through the motions... though he still walks away from this ridiculousness with a sizable paycheck while long-suffering movie lovers just get taken.


  • Drugs/Alcohol: Social drinking, smoking depicted.
  • Language/Profanity: When compared with most PG-13 movies, the profanity isn’t nearly as prevalent. But there is still a steady stream of four-letter words, including a handful of instances where God’s name is misused.
  • Sex/Nudity: A pretty strong threat is made involving Kim being sold back into sexual slavery where "she will be abused by so many men that she’ll be nothing more than a piece of meat a dog wouldn’t have." There's also some mild innuendo as Brian and his ex-wife Lenore start reconnecting. Brian bursts in as Kim is making out with her boyfriend. Kim is often shown in tight, revealing clothing.
  • Violence: While not as bloody as, say, a Quentin Tarantino film, the filmmakers squeeze a lot of violence—and drawn-out torture scenes—into Taken 2. At one point, Lenore’s throat has been cut in such a precise way that she’d bleed to death very slowly while hanging upside down in a warehouse with a hood over her head. In the same room, Bryan is chained to a pipe. Showcasing just how high the body count was in the last film, a funeral showcases the mass burial that was required. Numerous scenes featuring intense hand-to-hand combat, perilous car chases, lots and lots of gunfire and explosives, all resulting in the deaths of many, many Albanians.

Publication date: October 5, 2012