Director John Lee Hancock, whose earlier film The Rookie (2002) was one of the best family-friendly films of the decade, guides Bullock and Aaron to fine performances, while McGraw and Kathy Bates are enjoyable, if a bit underused.

The Tuohys' strong Christian faith is evidenced mainly by their actions, although it filters through some of the dialogue as the characters struggle over what the appropriate Christian response should be to their situation. The film's treatment of religion, while not as explicit as some Christian viewers might hope, is marred only by a misquoted Bible verse on a school sign—a jarring error in this otherwise warmhearted, true-life crowd-pleaser.

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  • Language/Profanity:  Racial epithets; "Mother of God"; "kicking butt"; "don't get your panties in a wad"; "God bless me"; anatomical reference to a topless bar.
  • Smoking/Drinking/Drugs:  A few scenes of drinking; drugs are shown; reference to a woman who's "on that crack pipe"; a man prefaces a phone message by saying he's had "five cold ones"; a drug dealer mentions that a certain woman usually "stops by for a taste"; Michael remembers how his mother wanted to keep him from seeing her do drugs.
  • Sex/Nudity:  None. A discussion of football players who are "wide in the butt" set to shots of said players; a married couple kisses in bed, and the husband wants to go further; concerns expressed about a black boy possibly endangering the Tuohys' daughter; a woman slaps another man's backside; players ogle Leigh Anne from behind as she walks away; verbal reference to "mommy/daughter action"; Leigh Anne threatens to cut off Michael's penis if he impregnates a girl.
  • Violence/Crime:  Hard-hitting football scenes, including replays of Joe Theismann's leg getting broken during a tackle by Lawrence Taylor; car crash; blood-stained clothes; handguns are fired during an altercation.
  • Religion:  Matthew 19:26 is displayed on a school sign, but the word "impossible" appears as "possible"; discussion of what the Christian thing to do is in regard to Oher's future; Leigh Anne says grace before the family eats dinner; Le Anne wears a cross necklace; a woman says she wasn't spiritual enough to be hired, and that she has certain doubts; Leigh Anne says, "I suppose I have God to thank" for Michael's presence in her life.