• Language/Profanity:  "Oh God," "God knows," Discussion of a "slut who killed her baby"; "Jesus."
  • Smoking/Drinking/Drugs:  A 9-1-1 operator and NASA executive are shown smoking on the job; a joke about spiking a punchbowl; a woman holds a drinking glass while dancing; a man drinks at a bar; a man says he needs a drink and heads to the bar; a man drinks champagne.
  • Sex/Nudity:  None, but a married couple is shown in bed, being awakened by a knock at their door, and again later, having a conversation; a husband jokes about the possibility that his wife has a secret lover; a farewell kiss.
  • Violence/Crime:  A teacher shows her disfigured foot to several students; a couple is told that if they push a red button in a box, someone they don't know will die, and they will receive $1 million; a shooting victim is shown dead on the floor, but no blood is seen until later in photos of the victim, which show the blood in black-and-white images; multiple nosebleeds; a man kidnaps another man at gunpoint and confesses to killing his wife because he had been forced to kill either her or their daughter; a boy and woman are kidnapped; a car accident; a woman asks to kill herself; a fatal shooting.
  • Religion:  Norma teaches a class in which she discusses Jean-Paul Sartre's ideas about hell; a man is told to do what his conscience tells him to do; a man is given a choice of three gateways and told that only one leads to salvation, while the other two lead to eternal damnation; a man who was struck by lightning says he is "in touch" with those who "control the lightning," and is said to have come back from the dead with special powers; TV is said to be a "box at home" that erodes the soul; a discussion of sacrificing for the greater good of society; a man believes he has been given a vision of the afterlife and describes it as "a warm embrace, a place where the sidewalk ends, where despair is no longer governor of the human heart"; a woman asks if she can be forgiven for what she's done and a man answers that he doesn't know, then quotes Sartre: "Free is not free. The choice is ours"; speculation that a man is living in purgatory.