Younger viewers who haven't seen the great comedies of earlier decades may herald The Hangover as a classic of the genre. Those who know better may enjoy The Hangover to a point, but they'll wake up the next morning wondering what it was they saw in the film.

A suggested remedy:  Watch two Charlie Chaplin comedies and call me in the morning.

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  • Smoking/Drinking/Drugs:  A joke about a "designated drunk driver"; smoke rises from ashtrays in the men's hotel room after their wild night; the men are so hungover they can't remember what happened the night before; a man drives drunk; the men discover their drinks were laced with the "date rape" drug; a man says he used to do three hits of ecstasy a day.
  • Language/Profanity:  Lord's name taken in vain; coarse language throughout, including reference to sex acts; a woman extends her middle finger; use of "gay" in a jokey manner; reference to strippers and cocaine; a wedding singer sings sexually suggestive songs.
  • Sex/Nudity:  A man's rear end is shown; reference to activities at strip clubs; a man comes to terms with an earlier act of infidelity by the woman he loves; masturbation; a woman is said to be "grossed out by seaman"; a man walks around in his underwear; a man appears to be giving oral sex to a woman; scene of urination; anatomical jokes; female breasts exposed; a woman identifies herself a stripper, or more technically, an escort; jokes about sex with a corpse and with a tiger; a photo of a man receiving oral sex, and other photos of debauchery.
  • Violence/Crime:  A man says he is not permitted to be near schools or Chuck E. Cheese restaurants, where young people gather; a man cuts his palm; the men, mistaken for police officers, take advantage of that mistake; a baby is left in a car, with the window cracked; reckless driving; a naked man attacks the friends; men take a baseball bat to a car windshield; a shopkeeper is shot; young students carry out a stun-gun demonstration on the friends; Mike Tyson punches one of the friends.
  • Gambling:  Scenes of people in casinos.
  • Marriage:  A man believes he has married a pole dancer.