• Drugs/Alcohol:  Social drinking plus cigar and cigarette smoking.

  • Language/Profanity:  God's name is misused several times, plus two uses of the "f" word and other slang that stands in for it. A smattering of other profanity including he--, as- and bit--. 

  • Sex/Nudity:  Joe requests "gratuitous sex" from his wife when he returns from a fact-finding trip. We don't see anything but passionate kissing. Valerie is accused of being a "Commie" whore and is asked whether she's had lovers all over the world. A man makes a pass at Valerie (he'd been checking her out regularly before) while in the car.

  • Violence:  Most of the violence in Fair Game is of the verbal variety. Valerie says she receives death threats every day. An Iraqi scientist and his son also get caught up in a gun battle. While they make it out of the situation safely, we never know if they're rescued because Valerie's cover is blown.


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