Still, The Rite's box-office performance will dictate whether or not we see more religious-themed movies that take spirituality seriously. That's not an endorsement of the film—just a reminder of how Hollywood works. The decision as to whether the film is worth your time is yours to make.


  • Language/Profanity: "S-it"; crude reference to sex; "b-tch"; "Go to hell!" the devil is said to rape his children; the "f" word; "Oh God"; crude reference to female body part; "kick your butt."

  • Alcohol/Drugs: A bar scene; a woman brings beer to men.

  • Sex/Nudity: None, except for a woman's legs and upper thighs are exposed while she is writhing around during scenes of possession; a woman makes a lewd gesture.

  • Violence/Crime: A mortician stitches a corpse; violent video games are briefly seen; woman on a bicycle is struck by a car; vomiting of blood and nails; a boy says he's tormented in his dreams by a creature that leaves visible marks on his torso; a pregnant woman and her child are endangered; Michael is choked in a dream sequence; a child is struck on the face by an adult.

  • Religion/Morals: Religious iconography is pictured several times; A question heard in the film's opening moments: "Do you believe in sin?"; a quote from Pope John Paul II about the devil; Michael's father tells him, "We serve the dead but we don't talk about them. It brings bad luck"; a movie marquee reads "Redemption Theater"; a man attends seminary, decides he doesn't believe the Catholic Church's teachings, but then trains as an exorcist; Michael's father explains that his deceased wife's pain has gone because God has taken it away; a priest quotes John 15:16, in which Jesus says, "You did not choose me. I chose you"; a dying woman asks Michael to bless her; images and audio of possession victims; a priest says "He that committeth sin is of the devil"; demons mock the name of Jesus and quote and twist Scripture; Michael says his mother felt the hand of God on him.

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