After a couple of miscarriages, Henry decides to get a vasectomy without even consulting his wife so that Clare won't have to get her hopes up, only to be disappointed when they lose yet another baby. Then without telling Henry, Clare takes matters into her own hands and sleeps with a younger version of Henry so she can conceive again, a tactic that actually ends up working when their daughter Alba, also a time traveler, is born. What? Okay, moving on. …

Yet, even as thoroughly ridiculous as this movie is, you still have to give the filmmakers a few props for trying. The Time Traveler's Wife does have a lush, dreamy landscape reminiscent of old-fashioned cinema and Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams certainly try to sell the unconventional romance the best they can with such a banal script. But The Time Traveler's Wife is set up as this big, weepy romance that never provides the audience with a reason to cry. Really, the only compelling reason for shedding a tear is because you've wasted nearly two hours of your life watching two talented actors who deserve much better. But hey, at least they got paid, while you're still out 20 bucks and time better spent doing something, well, anything else.


  • Drugs/Alcohol:  Henry's father abuses alcohol, his way of coping with the loss of his wife and Henry's mother. When Henry drinks too much, it usually leads to time traveling.
  • Language/Profanity:  Several instances of the Lord's name taken in vain plus a smattering of additional expletives.
  • Sex/Nudity:  There are a couple of sex scenes involving Henry and Clare, before and after they are married. After one encounter, Clare's bare backside is shown. Also, whenever Henry time travels, he's naked whenever he gets back (and his backside is shown in several scenes).
  • Violence:  Henry's mother dies in a tragic car crash, a disturbing scene that replays in Henry's head several times. Henry is shot, something that's foreshadowed earlier in the movie and reappears later on. Because he's got nothing in the way of food, clothing or money when he time travels, Henry robs stores, homes and pickpockets other people to get by, causing him to get taken into police custody a couple of times (he conveniently disappears before anything can be done about it, though).

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