Borrowing liberally from everything from Avatar to Jurassic Park to TV’s “Land of the Lost,” which inspired the equally lame Will Ferrell movie by the same name, Journey 2 has a musty, been-there-seen-that quality that’s virtually impossible to escape.

But for the film’s leading man (no, I’m not talking about The Rock) Josh Hutcherson, who’s sure to escalate to a Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner-level of popularity once the highly anticipated The Hunger Games flick releases later this year, Journey 2 is probably the last stinker he’ll be a part of. So that’s something, right?


  • Drugs/Alcohol: Only one reference to whether alcohol may have caused someone’s bad judgment.
  • Language/Profanity: “Crap" is used once, while “heck” sits in for its harsher counterpart on two occasions. Some scatological humor.
  • Sex/Nudity: Sean and Kailani share a brief kiss. Kailani also tends to choose clothing on the clingy side or where her bare midriff is shown.
  • Violence: Several chase scenes and potentially perilous situations involving giant-sized animals, something that happens to small creatures on the mysterious island. There’s also a creepy looking spider that could scare the younger set. A funnel cloud sends a helicopter (with passengers inside) barreling down to the ocean (everybody lives). Earthquake tremors and torrential flood waters also up the danger factor.

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