• Drugs/Alcohol:  Several scenes with underage drinking, plus talk of Beth's boyfriend Kevin's (Shawn Roberts) cocaine use.
  • Language/Profanity:  A steady stream of profanity throughout, including one use of the "f" word. The Lord's name is also misused on numerous occasions.
  • Sex/Nudity:  Sex is a frequent topic in the flick, and is often done so in a rather crass, innuendo-laden fashion. Before Denis's graduation party, Denis's dad (Alan Ruck) tells him there's a roll of condoms in his nightstand and encourages him to "have fun" since he's still a virgin. Two beautiful friends of Beth's seduce Rich (at the same time) because they've heard he's gay. Not convinced the threesome was successful, Rich begins to agree with everyone that he is, in fact, gay. After sneaking into the school, Beth and her two friends take a shower and invite Rich and Denis along (Rich goes along with it, Denis doesn't). Later, Beth drops her towel in front of Denis in the locker room (the camera shows a glimpse of her breasts from the back and her backside).
  • Violence:  Beth's ex-boyfriend Kevin doesn't like that Beth is hanging out with Denis and proceeds to beat Denis up—several times, leaving him bloodied, scratched, and much of his home destroyed in the process. Kevin beats Denis up for a second time at a party later on before a friend of Denis' steps in and beats Kevin up.
  • Reckless Behavior:  Beth is quite a wild child. In addition to breaking into her high school with friends, Beth trades an impromptu make-out session so she can buy beer (since she's underage) from a local gas station attendant. She's also a reckless driver who has little regard for damaging other people's property or people's lives since she drives way too fast and often, without her lights on, for fun. At one point, she also steals her ex's Hummer and drives it into a classmate's house.

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