In all of Ethan's lunacy, Peter discovers that hanging with him is actually pretty good practice for impending fatherhood. Not only does Ethan help expose Peter's problem with anger, but Peter learns that value of listening and being patient, something that didn't always fit into his busy lifestyle.

Those positive elements aside, however, Due Date still isn't the movie you'd probably feel comfortable taking your entire family to see. But in terms of culture-shaping entertainment, it was somewhat refreshing to see that there was a little more to Due Date than simply raunchy, over-the-top antics executed in the name of comedy. Now one can't help hoping that trend will continue in a more spectacular fashion in future outings…


  • Drugs/Alcohol:  Social drinking, plus medical marijuana (used to treat Ethan's "glaucoma") is practically another character in the movie. Its effects on Ethan, Peter and even Ethan's white French bulldog are played for laughs, and Ethan isn't shy about smoking it whenever he'd like.

  • Language/Profanity:  Several uses of the "f" word, plus the misuse of God's name.

  • Sex/Nudity:  Ethan says he has to masturbate in order to fall asleep (the camera then cuts to Ethan's dog, who's shown doing the same thing). There's also the occasional discussion of sex and childbirth.

  • Violence:  Peter definitely has some latent anger issues and is beat up by a money-transfer clerk he insults. He also gets in two car accidents (he breaks his arm), thanks to Ethan's careless driving. While waiting for Ethan to buy his medical marijuana, a woman asks Peter if he'll watch her kids. When one of them misbehaves, he gives the kid a pretty decent gut punch. Peter also makes several not-so-veiled threats to Ethan, saying if he misses the birth of his child, he'll "choke him out with his own scarf. Wrap the thing ‘round your head and choke you out." In reply, Ethan says it "sounds a bit drastic."

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