"Thr3e" is "NYPD Blue" meets "A Beautiful Mind" – a clever but sometimes confusing horror movie. There are a few basic problems with this lower budget film, the first being that the two main women characters look alike and are hard to tell apart for a while. They both have long, curly, cascading brown hair and are about the same age … bad casting. And there are some loose ends, once the clever twist is revealed, that go unanswered.

The sparse, tacked on faith elements seem like an afterthought, and it is doubtful whether audiences will truly come away with greater faith or a greater knowledge of God and His ways after seeing "Thr3e." They will get a horrifying glimpse in the dual nature of man, but the cost is high to learn what most of us probably already know about that struggle.

Due to the horror elements and sometimes confusing plot lines and characters, this movie would be best suited to older teens and adults. "Thr3e" will likely do well in video sales, as there is a remarkably high percentage of the population that purchases lower budget horror flicks, but it may not have the mainstream appeal that other faith films ("The Nativity Story," "One Night with the King," and "Facing the Giants" ) of late have enjoyed.

AUDIENCE: Adults and teenagers


  • Drugs/Alcohol: None.
  • Language: None.
  • Sex: None.
  • Violence: Bomb explosions, shootings, etc.
  • Other: Terror, such as phone threats, ominous messages painted on cars, bombs strapped to people, scary masked faces appearing, psychotic people screaming, bombs exploding, kids locked in warehouses, etc.