While some situations are resolved a bit too conveniently for comfort, the storylines ultimately play to each actress’s individual strengths. With whip-smart, wise-cracking sarcasm, Tamblyn still shines the brightest as Tibby, the obvious oddball of the bunch, while Bledel, Lively and Ferrera possess that crucial balance of charm and vulnerability in a myriad of emotionally complex moments. Of course, this won’t exactly be a huge selling point for the guys who may be dragged along for the nearly two-hour ride. But for the ladies who’ve been anticipating the next chapter of Traveling Pants, the pants still fit (almost) perfectly.

  • Drugs/Alcohol:  Some social drinking.
  • Language/Profanity:  A couple of mild expletives plus several uses of “Oh my G—.“
  • Sex/Nudity:  Aside from a few kisses between girlfriends and boyfriends, Tibby sleeps with her boyfriend, (cue pregnancy scare) but nothing is shown aside from kissing.  Lena has to sketch a nude male model in art class, but the camera stays away from anything that’s not his chiseled chest, abs and legs.
  • Violence:  None.


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